“We’re Watching” – BlackRock CEO on Bitcoin

In 2021, Bitcoin will finally enter the limelight. Because even the very big fish have a close eye on crypto currency No. 1. One of them recently made a statement.

Larry Fink is not entirely convinced of Bitcoin and yet he is impressed

The CEO of the world’s largest wealth manager BlackRock made this mixed assessment in an interview with Bloomberg. Meanwhile, his investment company is heading for the crypto space.

On January 27, Fink made the US television station aware of the comparatively small size of the crypto market. This and the unbroken high volatility are the two factors that fuel his ongoing Bitcoin skepticism. According to the BlackRock CEO, it is within the realm of the imaginable that BTC will become a new store of value. It still has to prove itself and the market has to get bigger. At Fink, who attested Bitcoin Blueprint to have a dirty image in 2017, a clear change of attitude is emerging.

In contrast, Fink was fascinated by the media attention that Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto industry are receiving. His interview:

We look at it and enjoy the discussion. […] But it has not yet been proven whether it will work in the long term.

Fink is also convinced that a digital currency will gain enormous importance in the near future. However , he left it open whether it would be Bitcoin .

BlackRock on crypto course?

Despite the rather cautious statement of its own CEO, BlackRock seems to be getting ready to enter the crypto business. On January 21, appeared applications on the website of the US Securities and Exchange Securites and Exchange Commission (SEC) in which ask two BlackRock funds to additions to its prospectus. You want to keep the option open in future to invest in Bitcoin futures.

In addition, a job advertisement published in December 2020 revealed that BlackRock was looking for a crypto specialist. He or she should help with the valuation of digital assets.

Goldman Sachs Manager is not yet a bitcoin advocate

Fink wasn’t the only institutional player to comment on the future of Bitcoin in the past few weeks. His colleague Lloyd Blankfein also gave the US television broadcaster CNBC his view of Bitcoin. The Senior Chairman of Goldman Sachs has so far not been convinced.

Because, like Fink, Blankfein also perceives the volatility of Bitcoin as a problem factor. In addition, the former CEO of the investment bank used the old-fashioned narrative of BTC as a money laundering tool. In his opinion, regulators would soon put an end to the anonymity of the leading cryptocurrency. He questioned whether Bitcoin and its appeal will survive these attacks.