Crypto Business Leaders Now Studying CS & MBA, Dan Ashmore Tells CNBC

• Most crypto business leaders have studied computer science or have an MBA.
• The University of California is the most common institution attended by these executives.
• North America leads the way in terms of crypto salaries, with employees earning an average of $120,000 annually.

Most Crypto Executives Have Computer Science or MBA Backgrounds

Coinjournal’s Dan Ashmore believes that the crypto market is becoming a mainstream financial market and is now dominated by those who studied computer science or had an MBA. According to Ashmore, during the early days of crypto, the industry welcomed people from various fields but as it continues to evolve, most cryptocurrency leaders either have an MBA or study computer science and other related courses.

Universities Attended by Crypto Executives

Looking at the universities attended by cryptocurrency executives, The University of California tops the list with 13 cryptocurrency business leaders having attended there. Harvard comes second with 11 attendance while Stanford University comes third on the list with eight cryptocurrency business leaders attending it.

Notable Crypto Executives With Computer Science Backgrounds

When asked about notable examples of crypto executives that studied computer science or have an MBA, Ashmore replied that the „most obvious“ example is Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao who studied Computer Science at Montreal’s McGill University.

Crypto Salaries Highest in North American Countries

CNBC also looked into Coinjournal’s research on countries with the highest salaries for cryptocurrency workers which revealed that North America leads the way, with crypto employees in the continent earning an average of $120,000 annually. Remote work is also becoming increasingly popular amongst many companies operating within this space due to its cost-effectiveness and convenience for employees.


Overall, it appears that most successful crypto executives come from backgrounds related to either computer science or finance/business due to their knowledge being useful when navigating this new and complex financial sector. Moreover, remote work has become more prevalent in recent years as people no longer need to be physically present in order to carry out their job roles effectively while still getting paid well compared to traditional jobs in other industries.